Case Management

Health risk management – organisational wellbeing

The Occupational Health Company believes that case management is the way ahead for improving the outcomes of occupational health and it applies the philosophy of case management to sickness absence, rehabilitation, work related illness and injury and ill health early retirement.

The company has significant experience in the concept and applies a pragmatic and effective version of it. All our Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Advisors are trained in, and utilise, this process. The aim of case management is to identify the issues that have led to occupational ill health, to develop actions to resolve them and to remove any barriers or obstacles that prevent a successful return to work.

The primary goal of case management is to return the individual to maximal functional capacity and maximal medical recovery and ultimately a return to health, thus allowing a speedier and more appropriate return to work. Case management does not solve personnel problems, “police” absence or require a medical diagnosis.

The Occupational Health Company uses a number of tools to evaluate the progress of the case and to develop return to work strategies. We use clinical pathways, treatment protocols, disability duration guidelines, independent medical examinations, functional capacity evaluations, external treatments, job analysis and vocational rehabilitation.

We have an alliance with a nationwide supplier of Occupational Health Physiotherapists. They are able to provide a telephone service for acute musculo-skeletal treatment or the service can be provided on a sessional basis at your business or at a network of clinics throughout the country.

The service is based around communication and correct and early intervention with the aim of maximal recovery and early appropriate return to work.

Mental Health
Mental health issues in the workplace are an increasingly common cause of sickness absence and are increasingly replacing musculo-skeletal conditions as the major cause of long term absence. The Occupational Health Company has a number of programmes and interventions that can assist your company in ohc understanding and identifying issues and implementating action plans that can control and reduce mental health issues or stress in your workplace.

We are able to provide supportive treatment for individuals or groups who are experiencing mental health problems/stress through our network of Cognitive Behavioural Therapists and Psychiatrists.

The service can be run in conjunction with our Employee Assistance Programme and is coordinated by your Workplace Health Advisor. Early recognition and treatment is vital to prevent long term disability and our Workplace Health Advisors are trained in mental health case management.

Stress awareness programmes can be delivered by The Occupational Health Company and this can be delivered by our OH teams or by a number of specialist training companies that we work with.