The Occupational Health Company provides an extensive and flexible service tailored to the needs of your business. It can provide a full multidisciplinary in-house service for larger and multi sited organisations whilst providing ad hoc services to small businesses. The company uses nurses, occupational physicians, physiotherapists, and cognitive behavioural therapists as primary and secondary advisors. In addition we have a nationwide network of medical consultants, health
safety specialists, rehabilitation specialists and an employee assistance programme provider and lifestyle management company who can help to support your business.

Our occupational health nurses (Workplace Health Advisors) provide expert primary advice on all aspects of occupational health. They are experienced in case management and work with named clients to deliver the desired outcomes.

The Workplace Health Advisors are able to undertake health screenings, health surveillance, health promotions and education programmes. They are then used alongside lifestyle coaches when extensive wellbeing strategies are required.

The Workplace Health Advisors are able to advise when secondary and tertiary services are required and can call upon senior members of The Occupational Health Company at any time.

Quality Assurance

  • Prior to commencement of any contract a detailed needs analysis is undertaken to identify the service required and the key performance indicators plus a business plan for the delivery of these services.
    Six monthly reviews, key performance indicators, clinical audits and customer surveys allow us to analyse the service delivery and are used to identify future OH needs and business plans. They are used in our staff performance appraisal, training and development needs.

Full Occupational Health Service

  • Our staff will be based at your company and will deliver against an agreed business plan and service level. They can provide support on policies, health screening, health surveillance, musculo-skeletal risk assessment, work related illness, sickness absence, legislation, rehabilitation, well being and ill health retirement. Treatment services can be used to supplement the service. Regular performance reviews and customer feedback sessions will ensure future trends and requirements are addressed.

Small Business Service

  • Smaller businesses may require fewer services to support their business. We can provide all of our services either as a one off or regular scheduled service.All of our products are available to small business and when a regular service is agreed then a named Workplace Health Advisor will be allocated as the client’s primary advisor.

Telephone advisory services are available to support our clients.